May 22, 2022
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5 More Films About Stories of Inclusion

Photo by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Photo by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Cultural documentaries can be a gateway to increasing compassion for other lived experiences.

I love learning about different cultures and others’ lived experiences. It’s partially the reason why I travel, besides rest and relation, and very much the reason why I watch a fair share of cultural documentaries. And, as a UX Designer with a passion for inclusive design, cultural documentaries have raised my compassion IQ.

I previously shared, 5 documentaries about inclusion on Netflix and here are 5 more social and cultural documentaries that…

  • share stories of people often overlooked and marginalized
  • shine a light on the impacts of exclusion and discrimination
  • show how people cope and persevere


2012 | 1h 8m | Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Promotional poster for “Intersexion: Finding a place in a two-gender world” (IntersexionFilm.com)

This revealing documentary shares deeply personal narratives of intersex individuals navigating a binary world. The film shares firsthand stories of experiences with medical interventions, coping with relationships and discrimination.

India Untouched

2007 | 1h 50m | Watch on YouTube

Promotional poster for the documentary "India Untouched: Stories of a people apart"

The film exposes the 4,000-year-old religious caste system that oppresses the Dalit people throughout the country of India. While the upper caste people deny that Untouchability exists, many oppressive actions are captured in the film. Stories from Dalits of all ages, Benares scholars, and Rajput farmers attest to the caste practices. The film also brings to light how people within the Dalit community practice Untouchability on the “lower” sub-castes.

Same God

2018 | 1h 36m | Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Promotional poster for “Same God,” (SameGodFilm.com)

In 2015,  Dr. Larycia Hawkins, a Black Christian, female professor at a prominent Christian college wore a hijab and participated in demonstrations to stand in solidarity with Muslims’ religious freedom. The film follows the professor for the next two years capturing the aftermath that followed.


2019 | 1h 16m | Watch on Netflix

Promotional poster for the documentary "Skin"

This eye opening film unpacks perceptions of beauty and skin tones through stories from women in Lagos, Nigerian. Women of all ages share their personal stories as they discuss colorism and why some succumb to using skin lightening creams.

What Was Ours

2016 | 1h 19m | Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Promotional poster for the documentary "What Was Ours"

What Was Ours captures the journey of two Northern Arapaho youth and a Shoshone elder as they learn that their  tribes no longer have possession of many of their sacred artifacts. With hopes of creating a museum of their own, they travel to recover some of their ancestral objects.

Final Thoughts

Learning about the lives of people who are different from me is always so eye-opening. And, I truly believe that learning about diverse lived experiences has made me more compassionate in my work as a UX designer.

I hope you enjoy these films and I’d love to know about any films that have raised your cultural awareness.

Products are only as inclusive as the people who design them.


Thanks for reading. If you know anyone who would find this useful, please share. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me.

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